The 4-Week Course

What if you could eat as much as you want and still lose weight?

Sound too good to be true?
We speak the truth.

Let’s be honest: detox, cleanse and fast are words that never sound good!  

Whether it’s a juice fast, a water-only fast or an extreme keto regimen, the word fast often means torment and sacrificing everything you love about food and enjoying delicious meals with family and friends around the dinner table.  

But what if . . . it meant drawing closer to God, soaking in His Presence and finally being at peace with who you are and comfortable in your own skin, free of the weight, type 2 diabetes and any other ailments your overweight has caused you?

Do you remember the Daniel Fast from years ago?  

Well, this is not at all like that lonely, solitary month of deprivation. Enjoying a plant-based nutrition lifestyle serving up fresh, delicious meals is only part of the equation. 

We have created a formula that promises real and lasting change with a completely new approach to give you the community and the tools you need to shed this weight once and for all.  

We’re talking about the stuff you really need to be successful long term. That’s why we’ve created a totally new comprehensive ecosystem that you receive when you join us for Daniel Fast: A Bridge to Healthy Living. 

Reclaim the life He promised you!

Gigi and Sersie facing each other while sitting on a yoga mat talking

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