Daniel Fast: A Bridge to Healthy Living

Are you ready to be free from medications, increase your energy, and regain your passion for life?

The Lord says we shall have life and have it more abundantly. Is that your current experience, or has the grueling year of the pandemic and life in general taken a toll on your health & wellness and stolen that Word? It’s time to RECLAIM the life He promised you!

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How many years have you been going around the same mountain living with being overweight?  

At the same time that you’re praying to God for healing of your type 2 diabetes, you are reaching for that second serving of mac-n-cheese at 7:30 at night because you’re hungry and exhausted from your 12-hour day and it feels so good going down.

The next morning you wake up feeling bloated and sluggish.  

You feel guilty and ashamed because you broke the promise to yourself once again.  

You ignore the bathroom scale because it will only confirm what you already know—it’s a much bigger number than you used to carry and nowhere near where you want to be.  

So you lift up a prayer asking Jesus for the willpower to make this change, once and for all.  

We got you!   

Though it may feel like you’re traveling alone down a shame-filled road, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  

The thoughts and feelings you have been stuffing deep down in your heart are shared by millions of women around the globe.  

How do we know? We are a community of amazing women of God who are overcoming the pain of overweight. We’re led by compassionate wellness lifestyle practitioners who are also sisters in Christ.  

Gigi and Sersie came together for a common goal: providing a comprehensive program divinely designed for women of faith to decrease their weight and increase their health and joy in life. 

Isn’t it time to surrender, really surrender this area of your life to God? If not now, then when?

Our God is a God of excellence. He has created you and you are more than enough just as you are!  

Yet, we know that you are a woman of excellence because you are His child and you want more. More health, more energy, more joy, more self-acceptance, more confidence, and more love.  

We are here to help & we are here for as long as you need us. Along with other sisters in the faith, we will link arms, educate, encourage, empower, and guide you on the bridge to your healthiest self.

With God at the center of this, you can’t lose. Well, you will lose weight and gain victory over the struggles and strongholds you’ve battled for so many years. Because He is a chain-breaker, He is an integral part of our program and the bridge to your healthy lifestyle.

Close your eyes for a minute and see yourself at your ideal weight in that sassy dress.  

Are your eyes closed? Can you see it?

You are that woman—the beautiful woman who enjoys a vibrant life, an abundance of energy, the love you deserve, and alignment with the Lord.

. . . your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you. . . You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

- 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

The Daniel Fast: A Bridge to Healthy Living program can get you there.

Won’t you join us? The journey is always more fun in community!

A Prayer for Your Health 4-Day Daniel Fast challenge will nudge you in the direction of taking those first steps from the rut of an unhealthy lifestyle to taking control of your health.

You will get access to:


This 4-week interactive course is a guided fast—combining faith and plant-based nutrition education. It’s a great option if you’re looking to lose weight and improve your health for good. This course is a bridge to making healthy living your new normal.

You will get access to everything you see to the left, plus:


A Prayer for Your Health Journal

Packed with daily devotionals, nutritional tips, journal prompts, and inspirational quotes, A Prayer for Your Health Journal will help you create a God-centered vision for your health. This journal provides practical tools and spiritual guidance to bring physical, mental, and spiritual health back into your life. It will inspire you to reset your body and energize your walk with God.

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