Can You Eat Popcorn on the Daniel Fast?

So you want to eat popcorn on the Daniel Fast? Well, popcorn—scientifically referred to as Zea mays var. everta—is a type of corn kernel that opens because it contains a small droplet of water. When heated above 355° (180° C) the water turns to steam, expands too much for the kernel to hold it—and POP!

When you can eat popcorn on the Daniel Fast

Since popcorn* is just corn,  it is included in the Daniel Fast when consumed plain and air popped.* No butter, oils[i], cheese, caramel sauce, or other sweeteners can be added. When those items are added, it is no longer a food included in the Daniel Fast.

If you want to eat popcorn,* consider trying it plain and air popped.* You can also try sprinkling it with a small amount of nutritional yeast.* You may initially find eating plain, air popped popcorn bland and unappealing. This can happen if you’re used to eating popcorn with butter and other fatty/sugary flavorings. That's because your taste buds have been conditioned to those “hyperpalatable” high-fat, sugary, and salty foods. But there’s a solution!

Check out How the Daniel Fast Can Help You Reset Your Taste Buds and then give yourself time to retrain your pallet.

Popcorn is not the only snack option

You have other snack options beyond the plain, air popped popcorn. Consider varying your snacks to include eating whole plant foods in their most natural state. Some examples include raw celery, baby carrots, jicama, bell pepper, cucumber, or any in-season fruit.

You can improve your health with fresh veggies and fruits. Rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, veggies and fruit can help you lose weight, stop free radicals, and boost your immune system health. They are also super-easy to prepare: just wash and maybe slice.

Daniel Fast snack recipes

Check out the Daniel Fast Food List and these compliant recipes from Daniel's Plate:

[i] Many church Daniel Fast programs include oil, but this Daniel Fast: A Bridge to Healthy Living does not. Why? Your health is the focus of this program. Oil is a major contributor to weight gain and does not promote health. But eating the whole food does. Instead of avocado oil or olive oil, enjoy sliced avocado or a few olives, in its most natural state.

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