Can You Eat Fish on the Daniel Fast?

If you’ve been fishing around trying to figure out if fish is included on the Daniel Fast, then you came to the right spot. Like all other animal products excluded on the Daniel Fast, fish is no exception. Any kind of seafood is not a part of the Daniel Fast.  

I know that Daniel could not have imagined the environmental toxins we have in our waters today, which directly affect the high levels of mercury and parasites in fish, but that is one reason why fish may not be the best food choice. In fact, doctors now recommend that pregnant women stay away from tuna because of the toxic levels of mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and the risk they may pose to an unborn child. So fish may be something to avoid whether you’re on or off the Daniel Fast.

Fish and seafood were not part of Daniel’s plate

Beyond the toxins and parasites in today’s fish supply, a person could easily argue that the king’s diet in the Bible is equivalent to the standard American diet of today. Part of the idea here is to make a contrast between a thoughtless diet and a holy one, just as Daniel did.

Even though fish isn’t a part of the Daniel Fast, there are a variety of sea vegetables that are free for the taking. Sea vegetables can mimic the flavor of seafood when added to your dish. Nori is one such sea vegetable that is not only delicious and Daniel Fast-friendly, but provides an excellent source of iodine, necessary for thyroid health. Add plain nori sheets to an Asian Buddha bowl, simply eat them as a snack, or use nori sheets to make a veggie roll. It is a delicious, thoughtful alternative for getting that seafood flavor in your meal.

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