What Snacks Can I Eat on the Daniel Fast?

You’re doing the Daniel Fast and eager to decide what you’ll eat, including snacks. Most of your time upfront was probably spent meal-prepping and figuring out what you’ll eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to ensure that you stay within the guidelines. This can leave little thought or preparation for what you will snack on between meals.

Snacks on the Daniel Fast

Like the main meals in the Daniel Fast, all snacks are centered on whole plant foods in their most natural form: nothing added, nothing taken away. But maybe you’ve noticed that you are more tempted to step out of dietary boundaries between meals. Having a plan and knowing what snacks to eat are more important than you think.  Before you read on, drink a large glass of water to rule out “fake” hunger, since you may just be dehydrated.

Remember the two Cs

One great way to see snacking on the Daniel Fast is to remember your two Cs: convenient and compliant. The key to snacking is to have things on hand that are not only compliant but convenient, easy, and fast. You don’t want to spend too much time trying to figure out what to snack on.

The best fast-food solution is fruit at hand that is in plain eyesight. Making your fruit bowl the center of your kitchen is a great way to point you in the right direction. It’s also great to have chopped veggies as well as peeled and diced fruit in the fridge for instant satisfaction. Portioned small containers of one to two tablespoons of nuts and seeds, or popcorn with your favorite seasonings are also a great choice, especially on the go. Avoid eating directly from the store packaging when eating snacks to avoid overeating. These options are best because they require no preparation and are easy to grab. 

“Hearty” snacks that are still Daniel Fast compliant

If you are someone who prefers a heartier snack, try preparing sweet potatoes or oven baked no-oil fries in advance. Other pleasures for hearty snackers are microwavable edamame, a quick salad, or a small portion of leftovers from the night before. If you are more organized, a little easy prep of snacks in advance is also helpful. Try roasting chickpeas or making hummus that you can eat with veggies. The key to snacking on the Daniel Fast is identifying whole foods that are easy to prepare and access—convenient and compliant, your two Cs—as well as satisfying.

Figure out what’s underneath your desire to snack

Snack time can be triggering to our former patterns of eating, especially when we associate snacking with something crunchy, salty, and oily—or sugary. And we all know where that road leads! Redlining mentally what snacking is all about is one of the gems of the Daniel Fast: it can help to cure cravings and open us up to new and exciting snacks. Snacking is simply tiding over until the next meal by providing fuel or energy.

Snacking can sometimes be a code word for cravings. That’s another reason our handle on snacking is particularly important. Ask yourself, “Do I really need a snack right now or am I struggling with overcoming my cravings during this fast?” Snack time is a great way to ramp up your devotional time and to center your emotions, while drawing on God’s strength in moments of discomfort. Oftentimes feeling the need to snack may not even be bodily hunger—it may be an emotional or spiritual need.

You don’t have to snack on the Daniel Fast, but if you do, make sure you’re snacking on something that satisfies your whole being.

Daniel Fast compliant snacks

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