When Does the Daniel Fast Start?

Millions of people across the globe do the Daniel Fast. Yet, many people are married to the idea that the Daniel Fast needs to start sometime during the new year, particularly in January. However, the best-kept secret about when to start the Daniel Fast is that it can start during any month of the year. Beginning the Daniel Fast is less about a fixed start date. Rather it is more about assessing what you need from the fast and when. Deciding when you should start a Daniel Fast is all about God's timing in your life and your needs, especially around your physical and spiritual health. 

You will know it's time to start a Daniel fast when you feel the need to Reset, Reconnect and Realign and this can be at any time during the year.


We all know when we have reached our breaking point with our health or not feeling our best self. When you feel like life stressors have bogged you down, it's time for a reset. Or suppose an unhealthy lifestyle is starting to impact your health, causing obesity, type 2 diabetes, or high blood pressure. In that case, it's time for a reset. Or perhaps it is having difficulty sleeping or just feeling exhausted throughout the day. The time to start a Daniel Fast is now! 

Often, poor health spills into our spiritual lives and zaps us of our spiritual clarity and zeal. These are all signs of the need for a reset. The remarkable thing about doing the Daniel Fast is it both resets you spiritually and physically. It does this by holding you accountable to spend quality time with God every day. Still, it also helps you reset your palate when you have gone off the deep end with your eating patterns. You will begin to enjoy the taste of simple foods without all the sugar, oil, and salt. Poor habits can pile up and lead to chronic health issues. So when you decide to start a Daniel Fast, your urgency should dictate it for a fresh start concerning your health.  


The pandemic has left many of us depleted emotionally and spiritually, resulting in a disconnect to God and self. It has also left many of us with extra pounds that we are now struggling to lose. Even outside of a pandemic, the daily hustle and bustle of life can rob us of meaningful connections with God and pull us away from a healthy lifestyle. The disconnect has so many faces. It can show up in overpacked schedules that prevent us from having time to slow down and commune with God. Also, it shows up with emotional eating, where you reach for food during stressful times rather than turning to God. It can also show up in excessive weight where you no longer recognize yourself. It can also show up in a spiraling chronic health condition that you no longer feel like you have control of. 

The best time to start the Daniel fast is when you haven't been praying as you should, and you feel disconnected from that personal relationship with God. The Daniel Fast allows you to reconnect with God through meditation and prayer while helping you develop a healthier relationship with food and improve your health.


Are you feeling like you're not living your best life because of health issues? Then realignment is calling your name. When your core values don't match how you eat, sleep and move, it's time to realign. The Daniel Fast is a great way to take inventory and determine what isn't working related to your health. It is an opportunity to realign to your true self and begin to walk out the life God called you to. 

The Daniel Fast focuses on prayer and removing toxic foods from your diet. Combined, this fosters spiritual and mental clarity, which is the driving force behind placing your life in alignment. The Daniel Fast can help you realign to your actual values and cultivate healthy habits long-term. This will improve your health and deepen your connection to God. The Daniel Fast is a recipe to realign your health.

The key is to remember not to be boxed in to a set time for the Daniel Fast. Instead, be tuned into the change you need right now and then start. Completing the Daniel Fast in the community is always more meaningful. Try coordinating with close family and friends to join you on the fast is a great option. However, others in your circle may not always be on the same page, which should not deter your motivation to start. Seeking out communities like Daniel Fast: A Bridge to Healthy Living Facebook Group for support and accountability during the fast is a game-changer to your success. Finding resources to guide you through your fast, like A Prayer for Your Health Journal, can also be helpful.

If you feel like you need to reset, reconnect or realign, now is the time to start the Daniel Fast.

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